• EXTRACT OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Nico entdeckt die Welt

  • NFT COLLECTION: Freaky Daisy Casting Show

  • NFT COLLECTION: Spider Attack Phobia

  • NFT COLLECTION: Spider Attack Phobia

Flodai is  a children’s illustration book author and NFT artist from Germany who moves between the realms of educational and silly stuff. After publishing books about a crow called Nico, Flodai strives to add some NFT frippery to the metaverse of adulthood.

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The Freaky Daisy Casting Show

Welcome to the Freaky Daisy Casting Show—where normal is the new rare.

7777 unique daisies hide in the OpenSea marketplace. They have blue, pink, white and/or yellow petals; the latter is particularly rare. None of them has orange petals though … coz obviously orange doesn’t come natural to a daisy!

Still—against all evolutional odds—three orange daisies made it to the NFT metaverse. Why they’re orange? We don’t know … but we have suspicion something dodgy has been going on with their seeds.

By minting an  daisy you will receive a key to enter the Contest Room on Discord. Enter this room and post a picture of your daisy to take part in the Freaky Daisy Casting Show event with a price money of $1000.

An Orange Daisy NFT Draw takes place after the main NFT contest.

Wanna buy yourself flowers?

How many petals make a good daisy? To find out join our NFT community of Freaky Daisies. We provide high-level frippery at low-level minting costs.

The NFT artwork was entirely designed  and drawn by NFT artist Flodai aka children’s book author Klara Honigbaum.

Public sale of the Freaky Daisy NFT collection has started on OpenSea. To own a daisy, all you need to do is mint it. No watering or fertilizing required.

When petals matter… A public vote will decide on the winners of the $100 Freaky Daisy Casting Show NFT contest. 

Or get your hands on a spider?

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Not of any spiders. Not of many spiders…

Quantum physics apply to Flodai’s NFT drops.

The NFTs are present but yet invisible—hiding in the OpenSea metaverse.

All NFTs have all traits at the same time and no traits at the same time. Only when observed (aka minted) they will reveal their traits to the NFT collector.

In other words: This is a randomized NFT drop.
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    Click on the Mint button

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    Connect your wallet

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    Confirm The Transaction

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    Receive Your NFTs


Our NFTs

The Freaky Daisy Casting Show NFT collection presents 7777 unique daisies, while Spider Attack Phobia is limited to 555 unique NFTs.


Phase 01

June 26, 2022

Crow Nico: First Children's Books

Flodai aka Klara Honigbaum publishes her first children's book of the series "Nico entdeckt die Welt". Within the next months she publishes two further books.

Phase 02

January 28, 2023

Freaky Daisies: First NFT Collection

Flodai & friends publish their first NFT collection on OpenSea: 7777 unique Freaky Daisies enter the stage looking for investors to kickstart their stardom.

Phase 03

June 20, 2023

Spider Phobia: Second NFT Collection

Everybody loves spiders. They are considered the most favorite animals of many. So we thought we'd give you a good reason to be afraid of them.

Phase 04


Voguish Sheep: Third NFT Collection

The frippery continues! Flodai is working on a new NFT collection of freaking awesome sheep. Or is it wolves in sheep's clothing? Hard to tell.


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